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The Omelette


3 farm eggs scrambled with your choice of three ingredients | choice of breakfast side | choice of toast or house made biscuit

Bread Type (Select 1):House Made Biscuit Whole Grain Toast Country White Toast Sourdough Toast Gluten-Free Bread +$1.25Single Buttermilk Pancake +$2Single Blue + White Pancake +$2.50Single Lemon Ricotta Pancake +$2.50
Egg Dish Ingredients (Select Up To 3):Cheddar Cheese Feta Cheese Goat Cheese Mozzarella Cheese Blue Cheese Swiss Cheese American Cheese Pepper Jack Cheese Roma Tomato Roasted Seasonal Vegetables Spinach Mushroom Thyme Medley Avocado Avocado on Top Bell Pepper Scallion Red Onion Sweet + Spicy Bacon Thick-Cut Hickory Bacon Chicken Asiago Sausage Roasted Turkey Tomatillo Sauce
Additional Egg Dish Ingredients (Optional):Cheddar Cheese +$2Mozzarella Cheese +$2Feta Cheese +$2Goat Cheese +$2Pepper Jack Cheese +$2Blue Cheese +$2Swiss Cheese +$2American Cheese +$2Spinach +$2Scallion +$2Roma Tomato +$2Roasted Seasonal Vegetables +$2Bell Pepper +$2Avocado +$2Avocado on Top +$2Mushroom Thyme Medley +$2Red Onion +$2Sweet + Spicy Bacon +$2Thick-Cut Hickory Bacon +$2Chicken Asiago Sausage +$2Roasted Turkey +$2Tomatillo Sauce +$2
Breakfast Side Choices (Select 1):Roasted Butternut Squash Shoestring Fries Green Salad Hash Browns Tater Tots Fresh Seasonal Fruit Sweet Potato Tots +$3.25

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