I love you SAMMIE!

Posted on October 30, 2012


C’mon, we all love a great sandwich. At my house, from the time our Syd was a little kid, she called them Sammies. So, I’ve had over a decade of coming up with THE most devourable sandwiches imaginable. For parties, family gatherings, or just us for dinner, I’ve tried to conjure up the best sandwiches humanly possible.

So, every day at Harvest Moon, we’re presenting sammies that we consider darn near irresistible. Grab a paper wrapped, hand made sammie to go from the cold case –a ciabatta vegie pesto, or a French street sandwich on a baguette with french ham, gruyere and aoli, for example– we change the variety every day. Or, dine in with one of our sammies from the menu, like that steak sammie with our house made onion marmalade and organic arugula… Or the turkey sammie with Cranberry chutney… Or a grilled cheese that is so yummy, warm, and cheesy that one of our first customers called it, “chee-dictive,” although his mouth was full at the time and his comment wasn’t completely understandable. We have a BLT to die for, a pesto vegie sandwich that is so fresh you feel like you’re eating in a meadow…okay, maybe I’m going too far. But, you get my point, we do great sammies. Eat here, eat there, eat now, eat later…I’m pretty sure you’ll like what we’ve done.

And, don’t forget to try those homemade potato chips to go with your sammie….when I say to die for, we think you will agree. Delish!

If you have any personal favorites, please send me your ideas, I’m always, always looking for a new sammie!

Chef Christine

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